Thursday, February 21, 2008

Favorite Cocktails: The White Lady

I am too lazy to find out who this man is or what the hell is going on in this ad.

Me doing any more work today is so not going to happen, so I figured I might as well get started on my project of alcohol blogging. I mean, drinking is pretty much my biggest hobby, so I might as well talk about it here. Anyway, a favorite recipe I found in one of our classy cocktail books maybe about a year ago is The White Lady. Do not try to order this in a bar. They will fail. But you can make it at home!

The White Lady

1 part gin
1 part cointreau
1 part lemon juice

Easy peasy. You can use triple sec instead of cointreau (it's a lot cheaper, and has a bit more of a bite), and just a plastic bottle of lemon juice from the grocery store will suffice. I don't have a professional juicer or anything, so you won't find me squeezing any actual lemons for this job. But I WILL recommend holding out on the gin front for Tanqueray Rangpur (I would link to the Tanqueray website, but it doesn't actually seem to feature Rangpur, so whatevs). Rangpur is like fucking gin candy. It's infused with delicious limes and will immediately convert you from the "gin tastes like pine trees" team to the "gin goes in every drink ever" team. Yumyumyum.

Perhaps I will make one with dinner tonight.

UPDATE: I did.

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