Friday, February 15, 2008

Old MacDonald had a link farm

Because I am inexplicably mildly hungover and it's a half day for me anyway since we're driving to the Wisc later today, I'm kind of not really doing any work. So, links! -Though I feel for her less-crazy constituents, I never pass up a good Michele Bachmann story. Michele Bachmann Cowers Behind Robot Phalanx to Avoid Voters (Wonkette) -Dear Republicans in my home state of Washington: nobody likes a cheater. Stop suppressing votes for Stephen Colbert as VP! washington launders the vote (skippy the bush kangaroo) -COCKSUCKERS!! "'re probably also oppressing yourself." Somewhat NSFW at times, but always safe for awesome insights on feminism, sex, or whatever Figleaf feels like writing about. Mostly all y'all should be reading him and this was a random new post that I enjoyed. Sucking the Agency out of Fellatio (Figleaf's Real Adult Sex) -"Get them to print you a t-shirt with 'fascist' on it."* Keith Olbermann is a badass, take a drink. Seriously, watch it: Countdown Special Comment on FISA: President Bush Is a Liar and a Fascist (Crooks & Liars) Well, I've got about 45 more minutes to kill. This Diet Coke I'm drinking to ward off my headache/sleepiness says "GIVE LIVE LOVE" on the can. Thanks, Coca-Cola Company. I think I will take that to heart and start using a cheesy soda slogan as my life philosophy. But soon I am off to northern Wisconsin for the weekend, dear reader(s), where the bars are plentiful and cheap, the locals are sketchy and quick to sexually harass you, and the most pressing activity on the agenda is deciding whether to lay on the couch longer or go get in the hot tub for awhile. Hooray, vacation! Hasta el martes. UPDATE: Had had HAD to link to this blog and this post because this shit will change your life (or at least make you remember your elementary school library with fondness): "I'm starting to think that Claudia was actually some sort of bizarre idiot savant who secretly constructed a time machine and spent a lot of time checking in on 2007/2008." I think she may be right, have you seen what these "hipsters" are wearing these days? Super Special #8: Baby-Sitters at Shadow Lake (What Claudia Wore) *Enjoying my blog, counter-terrorism eavesdroppers?

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