Monday, March 24, 2008

I really don't know what people used to do at work before the internet

So, I have an Al Franken update and a Sarcasm Part 2 post forthcoming, but I'm not feeling what the Pretentious Ex-Boyfriend liked to refer to as "the inspirado." So, you know, awesome links and such again--all touting the awesomeness that is the blogosphere, and how it manages to seep influence out into the "real world" on occasion.* There's this sweet story about how some people find boyfriends through the blogging tubes. Maybe that's what I should try. I wouldn't have to touch anyone. Shakers in Love. (Shakesville) Then there is the account given by the illustrious Minnesotan biologist/blogger PZ Myers of how he was kicked out of a screening of the (presumably) terrible Ben Stein-supported creationist screed Expelled! He's in it. I actually read about the incident first in The Pioneer Press, which made me really happy. Somebody in their newsroom was paying attention long enough between "investigative reporting" forays onto MySpace (this is not a joke, they sometimes cite it as a source in local news stories) to catch that people are talking about this. Anyway, I love when the blogs spill out of the tubes into traditional media sources, and I can point at the newspaper and say, "I read him! He's awesome!" EXPELLED! (Pharyngula) Okay, that was only two, but what do you want from me? Sign up for Google Reader and subscribe to your own goddamn RSS feeds or whatever if you need more reading materials. *Yeah, I'm blogging about blogging again. Suck on that, "Anonymous" commenter!

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