Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'd like to thank Jesus for dying so I could have tomorrow off

Well, my ANTM predictions about Claire turned out quite positively--she did win the challenge. I've now moved up into 28th place overall. I wish there were actually money and/or prizes riding on this fantasy league, but I think it's mostly just for people with too much time on their hands. But anyway, I've got Good Friday off manana, and I have no plans. Although my ridiculous wildlife calendar (Florida panther this month, with a manatee inset) is telling me that tomorrow is also Purim (is that Jewish?) AND a full moon. I just consulted Wikipedia, and found out that Purim is the Book of Esther one. I love how the Jews were always being delivered from annihilation by lamb's blood on doorways or by having a really hot Jewish chick marry the Persian king and then talk him out of killing everyone. That crazy Yahweh, what will he think of next?! How fortuitous for those of us who love commemorating Jesus' crucifixion and playing with our Purim graggers to be able to combine those in a crazy Good Friday Mass-crashing ra'ashan extravaganza! That's totally where I'd be tomorrow if it weren't for my pesky monthly "transformation."* Luckily, today is the Vernal Equinox, and I'm sure there's some sort of religio-pagan ceremony I can perform to make up for it.

In the meantime, some linkies for the long weekend:

I think I have a moral obligation to link to all blog posts written by Tinky-Winky. (This one's for you, Julia!) Commenter Strike! (Jesus' General)

Continuing my passive-aggressive battle to get my awesome vintage/novelty shirt(s) back from Whatshisname, I thought this was a well-written analysis of why t-shirts are so important and hold so much meaning. Choice quote: "The ideal shirt will have a funny logo, a year attached to it, and will be as thin as rice paper. In the event that two white people have shirts that meet this criteria, the superior ranking is given to the person who paid the least for the shirt." Tru dat, bitchez. $1.19 bin wins every time. #84 T-Shirts. (Stuff White People Like)

OMG Ludacris ho map. (That one's for Anne, my favorite 360-ho.) Via Terrible Mother.

Happy Holy Weekend, friends! I will be celebrating all weekend long/hopefully avoiding making any incredibly awkward scenes in the meantime.

*Something I have in common with both Teen Wolf and Jesus is a love of facial hair. Oh my god, maybe Teen Wolf IS JESUS. You guys, the Second Coming happened in a mediocre 1985 teen movie, and we didn't even notice!!


  1. I think it's supposed to be spelt "groggers."

    Oh, and you can have your shirts back any time. I know the guy.

  2. Luda really let me down with that one. No shout out. No returned calls. I thought we had something special.