Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"I'm not Gloria Estefan, only one percussionist."*

What diva sang "Reach," the theme song of the 1996 Summer Olympics? Um, GLORIA ESTEFAN. God, I am so the most valuable random '90s pop culture trivia team member ever. My brother and sister and I watched every obscure Olympic event that summer, spending the entire day in front of the television. My mom was working full time then, and wasn't around to make us go outside. I have very fond memories of that time. But anyway, I tried singing this song to my friends after I totally, like, won trivia for us, and no one remembered it! How is that possible? Here's a refresher, friends: Apparently it's no longer working, try this one. *Todd in FotC "The Third Conchord," obvs.

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  1. That gymnastics that year was intense!