Friday, March 14, 2008

It's like a plot straight out of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

Via Wonkette, I came upon this awesome story of a creepy, sideways-walking "gnome" that's been scaring local townsfolk in Argentina (complete with video footage!). Although I have to say I was a little disturbed that they called him/her a "midget" and a "creature" (that's little person-phobic!), the video is quite creepy/hilarious. It would be so great if we found out that it was some misanthropic little person who acquired a pointy hat and started shuffling around town at night just to fuck with people's heads.

This photo comes from a sweet website I found during a Google image search for gnomes. "Gnomes Without Homes" is all about stolen lawn gnomes, their travels, and their owner's attempts to get them back. OMG. But so about lawn gnomes: I totally stole one with some friends in high school and was wracked with guilt about it for a very brief period of time. I think it's probably still gathering mold in my friend's garage back in the 'Couv.

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  1. Um, I still feel pretty guilty about stealing that gnome. We were hooligans!