Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pluggers Rage: I reveal a conspiracy of stupid

Dear Pluggers cartoonist and "Chief Plugger" Gary Brookins,

Please try to make it less obvious next time that you've completely given up.

EXHIBIT A: Pluggers Sunday March 2, 2008

EXHIBIT B: Pluggers Monday March 3, 2008

BRAIN ASPLODE. Don't get me wrong Sr. Jefe Plugger, I wouldn't want to put the effort required into actually drawing a different picture of Harvey Rhino or whatever this character's name is gorging himself on large amounts of fattening foods every day, and I realize the Sunday and weekday strips may be submitted at different times, but SERIOUSLY. Don't you think maybe someone should've checked to make sure you weren't essentially running the same "Pluggers are fat/here's a picture of a fat rhino licking his lips" panel two days in a row? Or did you think your real-life Plugger/fans wouldn't remember from one day to the next what abomination you've wreaked upon the comics page? Well, some of us use this thing called "the internet," and I don't mean a "Plugger internet," which would probably have something to do with badminton or some other such net sport that requires little physical effort. No, the real internet reveals all, including the fact that you just reuse the same panels over and over. Not that that wasn't obvious before. You've just fulfilled your own definition of "plugger": "They represent the 80 percent of humanity who unceremoniously keep plugging along." This is certainly without ceremony.

Love always,

I personally prefer the Pluggers Randomizer for an honest sampling of life in Pluggerville (just keep refreshing, the laughs never end). Dear god, I still hate Pluggers. But it would be a tragedy to not have it around to get angry about.

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