Monday, March 31, 2008

Sneeze, cough, post links

I've got some cold/allergy thing going on that I'm totally using as an excuse to not go to yoga today. Also, my usual ride isn't going, and that makes me extra lazy. In the meantime, I'm distributing germs all over my cube. Best employee ever. Anyway, this is kind of a random assortment of things I saw recently that are worth checking out: BRAINS! We read a crazy neuroscience book for our book club last month, and this neuroanatomist's talk about her own stroke was really interesting in light of what I'd so recently read. It would be pretty crazy to experience your brain shutting down and knowing exactly what's going on and why, but not being able to do anything about it: Via Jeff Fecke. Though you may have to go to the conference website and tell it to continue in order to actually watch the video. For those of us nerdy nerd X-Philes who have July 25th circled on our calendars already, Wonkette brings us a delightful rundown of all the horrifying government conspiracies featured on the X-Files in the '90s that have had frighteningly similar real-life counterparts during the current Bush administration. It would be funnier if it weren't so creepy. Mulder & Scully Crack 9/11 Condi Conspiracy. (Wonkette) The inimitable and always adorable Ezra Klein has a really good LA Times op-ed on the disgusting wink-wink, nudge-nudge culture of complicity surrounding prisoner-on-prisoner sexual assault. There's nothing funny about prison rape. (Los Angeles Times) Twisty does a great takedown of our favorite Russian girl-vodka. Choice quote:
The persistent feminization of unisex commodities certainly bodes well for Dude Nation; if every day weren’t already a big ole lap dance for patriarchy, I’d say they should book the Diamonds Cabaret and its lineup of prepubescent strippers for a giant Feminism’s-Goin’-Down pole-a-thon. Because the Empowerful Pink Marketing Juggernaut continues to cut a wide swath across the globe, and the meager cries of a few doddering spinster aunts are not enough to slow it down.
Feminizers without borders: Moscow edition. (I Blame the Patriarchy)

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