Friday, April 18, 2008

The internet is a many-splendored thing

"Imagine me half-naked."

OMG I am looking forward to taking a nap this afternoon. I've been looking forward to napping since I didn't take a nap yesterday. Since drowsiness is blocking my muse and I'm resisting the Diet Coke urge, I'm going to post some links to, you know, other stuff on the webernets.

First: Did you know that the park police don't like it when you dance at the Jefferson Memorial? Bastard pigs.

Second: Someone fabulous has created pictures of animated Disney guys as underwear models (NSFW). Including my favorites, Thomas from Pocahontas and the Donny Osmond-singing-voiced Mulan guy. If only Anastasia had been Disney; I had such a crush on Dmitri. He was drawn very well. Via Webster's Is My Bitch.

Third: I totally second Twisty that Feministing is a "feminist gateway drug." A great way to start exploring the feminist blogosphere. I found it kind of overwhelming at first, but they have tons of links and enthusiasm and I still check it multiple times a day for quick hits on various news stories.

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