Saturday, April 05, 2008

Nerdy nerd nerd nerdery/blogging

So I use Google Analytics to track my traffic, etc. Because I am a huge dork and I'm interested. If I'm going to be a world-famous blogger, it's important to pay attention to these sorts of things. In fact, did you know, that I had FIFTY unique visitors on March 26?! Probably only like three of those are me on different computers. Apparently, my page comes up under "Al Franken" Google searches, and people are willing to dig through like 8235687687 pages of results to get to me! But anyway, I'm actually getting to a point where some random/awesome keyword searches have been used to find my blog, and I'm going to post a few favorites: -"gloria estefan favorite color" -"hillary clinton favorite cocktail" -"jel pak" (?!?!?!) -"president polk hairstyle" -"badass words that start with a k" -"'facial hair' stereotypes" -"pluggers stupid" Oh, dear Googlers, I hope you found everything you dreamed of. I can only aspire to be the result of increasingly more ridiculous searches. Hooray for the magic of the internet! God I love blogging about blogging.

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  1. Blog stat tracking is really fun. I've done it for a museum blog I work on at work, and it's always so random! although, I have to say, it was creepy to see that one of our top searches was the name of a coworker, implying that she has some crazy google stalker(s). So at least you don't have a google stalker.