Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pluggers leads me to advocate legalizing assisted suicide*

HOW ARE PLUGGERS EVEN STILL ALIVE?! If they have so many doctors' appointments, maybe they should be hospitalized, or at the very least, residing in some sort of assisted-living facility. I mean, I realize a PDA would be WAY too fancy and newfangled for a plugger, but what happened to regular old paper day planners or calendars? Is this plugger just particularly bad a cleaning out his wallet, or does he really have to go to the doctor that much? If it's the latter, he should probably just show up every day and hang around the waiting room until it's his turn. Or maybe he should just look into getting euthanized. Just a suggestion. We do it to animals all the time, and really, it might be time to just cut his losses.** Goddamn pluggers.

*I actually already support this. But especially for pluggers.

**As well as the taxpayer's. That freak of nature must be sucking on the teat of social welfare if he's so poor and still able to get constant medical care.

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  1. ...and yet he can still afford new pants! Damn welfare-leechin' dog-men....