Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Favorite Drink: The Midori Ecto-Kooler

Now that I've discovered this drink, I'll probably need this many bottles to get me through the next few months.

This delightful new cocktail was invented by my own Best TV Friend (Forever!) and roommate Ka$h. While she does not support me using the k in "kooler," I fear I must in order to differentiate it from other drinks of that name. Mainly: Ghostbusters' Slimer's Hi-C Ecto Cooler (read an awesome account of its history and how you can still find it, at least back in 2002). So I apologize for bastardizing the English language, but I want her drink to be DISTINCTIVE, dammit. I had long (by long, I mean not really actively) looked for a delightful use for our large bottle of tasty melon-y Midori that we had bought to make a specific cocktail we ended up not really liking. Anyhow, Ka$h got resourceful recently with the ingredients we had lying around and stumbled upon MAGIC:

The Midori Ecto-Kooler

1 part vodka
1 part Midori
2 parts some club soda
lemonade to taste however much lemonade you want

This is especially delicious, as we discovered, with raspberry lemonade, because that's what kind we had in the freezer. It tastes like awesome tasty boozy kool-aid. You will not be sorry. Also, Midori is a fun color. And it's great to play our 100+ rules of the X-Files Drinking Game (perhaps I will post them all some time) with.

UPDATE: Just in case you were worried about that shitty Goldschlager Whatshisname left in my cabinet: a friend of Ka$h's actually likes that shit and took it off our hands. Now the only crappy booze left in our cabinet is our own damn fault.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Apparently I didn't write the proportions to Ka$h's liking. Whatever. Just put it all in there and it'll taste good.

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  1. not only did you spell "cooler" with a "k" (which i will grudgingly condone), but you got the recipe wrong! it's two parts lemonade and club soda to taste, not the other way around. otherwise, the drink would not be sugary enough for you and probably not as oddly colored.