Monday, June 02, 2008

OMG best concert ever

So I saw The Kooks on Saturday night in Minneapolis and it was fucking AWESOME. I felt lucky to see such a huge band for a reasonable price in a small venue (they are much more famous in the UK, apparently). Such a good show. There was much jumping and dancing in place, as well as strategic "trying to see between tall people's heads" maneuvering. This is a video from their encore, I believe. It's a close call, but I'd say "Naive" is my favorite song from their first album, though they ended up playing pretty much everything from that record because their songs are very short. The sound is shitty, but you can hear how energetic the crowd was: Also, as expected, any time Luke spoke to the audience, nary a word was understood through his accent. We all just cheered anyway. Also, I became BFF with some underage boys named Nick and Justin. The whole thing was pretty great. Also, these kids (The Morning Benders) opened for them and were quite enjoyable: They were pretty much 100% adorable. They claimed one of their songs had a choreographed dance to it, but I imagine it's hard to perform that with instruments, so we just had to take them at their word. UPDATE: More Kooks videos have appeared on the YouToobz: That one had some pretty snazzy editing, but I have to say the next one was adorable in person and again on video: OMG I need to stop now.

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