Monday, July 28, 2008

Between energy drinks, I sleep

I had a dream recently in which I met Ed Begley, Jr. through a mutual friend, and I surprised myself at how un-shy I was around him. Of course, all I wanted to talk about was Bill Nye. He kindly obliged me. I had another dream where I was going running with the Perpetual Roommate* on a gravel path. There was a steep hill that we kept going up and down. For some reason, I was barefoot and the rocks did not hurt my feet at all. Later that day, after I had woken up and forgotten about the dream, the thought popped into my mind that running barefoot was something I just did. Like, regularly. *This is funny in and of itself because she would ask me to go running with her maybe twice a year during the time we lived together, and I would always laugh. Because I am lazy and didn't used to exercise. But then later I actually started running, but we still never went together.

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