Wednesday, July 09, 2008

...Lost: This energy drink will enable me to "surf, skate, and snowboard in the same day"

...Or just, like, type some shit for the rest of the afternoon and maybe go for a run before an evening of drunkenness. Apparently this shit was made up by Monster for Lost Enterprises. (Indie skater boyz love half-naked ladiez too!) This makes me officially the wrong demographic for this drink. But they sell it at the SA, and I hadn't had this kind before. Apparently after all that surfing, etc., this will give me "some energy to go out and party afterwards." Good, good. The can also claims good mixability. Hmmm. I imagine this actually would be good with a little Moskovskaya,* perhaps. To the review!


TASTE: ****/5 This may seem like another generous rating for taste, but I mean it this time. I started out thinking 2.5, 3 asterisks maybe, but the fruity punch taste grows on you. It's like deliciously caffeinated cough syrup. Good balance of gross/tasty.

EFFECTS: **** Still have no interest in any X-Games sports, but I have perked up significantly from before I started drinking it. I've got over an hour left of work, though, and we'll have to see if it gets me through to the afternoon run I desperately need to take.

GATEWAY TO METH: 3.5 asterisks Not bad. There's some extra shaking going on (I'm a big fidgeter anyway), a definite mood lift, and I'm feeling very alert and even somewhat motivated. Not to like, do my actual job or anything, but you know, to type this.

OVERALL: 3.83/5 asterisks

Go for it, I say.

*The best upper-middle shelf vodka, especially for its price. If you can find it, don't ever touch Smirnoff again.

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