Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WIG (Were I Gay)* of the Day: Rachel Maddow

Oh, Rachel Maddow. Slapping down some conservative douchebag's talking points on the teevee again. I have long been a fan. I'll admit I don't listen to her radio show because Air America requires a subscription ($$, people), and I am a cheap bastard who wouldn't listen enough to make it worth it. But I've seen clips on the internets (many hat tips to Crooks & Liars for the pleasure), and am excited by her rising profile on MSNBC. God she is hot and totally awesome. I was pumped to see the NYT's recent profile, though you should check out Melissa at Shakesville for some solid criticism of the accompanying photo spread.

So smart, so funny, so well-spoken. Rachel Maddow, will you be my WIG?

*Props to Emily and Ka$h, who originated the term WIG to describe someone you would totally get with if you were gay. Rachel Maddow actually is gay, so that would only require a conversion by one of us, but of course she's already taken. And I think my (for better or for worse) love for penises has been well-established.

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