Friday, August 29, 2008

Calm before the storm

So, I've been enjoying the fact that I have class only three times a week, and other than that I pretty much don't have to be anywhere. My assistantship isn't going to have regular hours unless I want them to, and I've been taking a lot of naps. I started doing some reading today, but nothing's really due for a while, especially because of the magic of Labor Day. After my class yesterday afternoon, I realized I didn't need to be anywhere again until Wednesday night. OMFG I love not working 8-5 every day. The downside to not really having a set schedule or a lot to do yet involves me being terrible about blogging. I've had time, but I fail at life. So here I am with yet another "personal update" post. I may have to make myself go sit in my office (! But not really !, because I share it with three other people and there are only three desks) and get my blogging done. Motivating myself while I lay around my huge new apartment full of the many, many things I've spent all my money on is a little difficult. But anyhow, I'm still alive, trying to devise how to get back to bloggerizing. Since I don't get paid to sit in front of a computer screen all day anymore, I'm still not caught up on my blog reading, and I'm kind of behind on the news. I don't really care about the convention, John McCain has apparently chosen somebody who could be his granddaughter to be a running mate, but here I am sleeping on the couch in the afternoon and getting drunk with my new best friend K. Speaking of K, he is awesomely bearded and comes from Pittsburgh. He has a silly accent and he likes to cook and drink. All good things. I can has friend? I CAN HAS FRIEND. I had all three of my classes this week and I'm pumped about them. I hope to write more about them once I dive into the reading a bit. So yeah... I'm expecting to get busy any time now, but that time is not yet. And I'm better at getting shit done (AKA blogging) when I've got other shit I should be doing. It's the procrastinating part of my lazy, lazy soul.


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  2. More important than McCain and Palin's age difference is that she has a grandchild that she's trying to pass off as her own kid, and now her daughter is preggo (again/for the first time), and Palin is only admitting it this time because she's forcing her daughter to marry the baby-daddy. There. News update. P.S. - The daughter is 17.

  3. Also, Matty didn't actually comment and then delete it, I just accidentally commented as him.