Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Highlights: Copenhagen (with pictures!)

Of course we saw the Little Mermaid. Duh.
I'm back! Totally not spending as much time packing for my move as I should be! But I packed a large suitcase and one box and reserved a U-Haul today, so that's better than nothing, eh? One big trip wrap-up post was a bit overwhelming, especially after fighting with Facebook to load a bunch of pictures all day. So I'll do one for each city we visited. First: Copenhagen. The Perpetual Roommate and I loved it. We spent our first few nights and our last night there, all good ones. It is a beautiful, very walkable city full of many, many, many bikes with tricky locks that don't require you to hook them up to anything. A very clean city. Pretty much everybody speaks English. I had a 99 kroner/$20 salad on our first night there and that's when it really hit home that this was going to be an expensive trip. After that, PR and I kept comparing everything in price to that salad. (She got a hot chocolate that was $10 at the same place, but it was fucking magnificent and almost worth that much money. Almost.) 1. Awesome first picture of the trip. How I wish I could shop at the Lady Boutique every day. (From the Copenhagen airport.) 2. You can buy liquor at the 7-11 and drink it anywhere you want. This is magical. Good for Denmark. And it's a hell of a lot cheaper than going out. Also, there is a 7-11 on every block. 3. Does this make anyone else uncomfortable, or am I needlessly problematizing a cultural situation that I can never fully comprehend? Can someone exploit themselves? Feminists often ask the same question, and I guess we all make compromises. It seems we can allow ourselves to be exploited, but it doesn't really seem like it can be a reflexive verb. It's a tricky situation. Anyway, I hope they make a lot of money, what with Indians always being fucked over and whatnot. We saw some more of these guys in Oslo. 4. We got kind of obsessed with Hans (Christian Andersen-- we're totes on first-name basis, kids). We followed the many confusing signs to his grave, saw Niels Bohrs' giant headstone, and also witnessed Kierkegaard in the kirkegard (god I am so funny). We also went on a sweet HCA "magic story chest" ride for kids at Tivoli. I love how they are making money off of his legacy. 5. I tried a Cult energy drink (fruit flavor), and it was pretty good. Then we discovered the Cult Shaker- The Party Maker. Pretty much a European Sparks. It came in these aluminum bottles and cost 22 kroner. This super-sleazy ad seemed to multiply in the week between our arrival in Copenhagen and when we returned for one more night before we flew home. I may have ignored the social implications and purchased a few of these drinks anyway. Also, this woman's right nipple had totally been airbrushed away. FYI. 6. We saw many historical sights, Christiania, and went on the rides at Tivoli (which we could see out our hostel window) until we made ourselves sick. A few more pretties:
This mostly just cracked me up. It's not BBQ, it's AMERICAN.

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