Friday, September 19, 2008

Short Circuit: Great '80s Movie, or GREATEST '80s Movie?

After a discussion of its awesomeness, Thrift Store Champion secretly (and adorably) Netflixed Short Circuit I & II and bought some Andre champagne* (Annn-drae) to go with the viewing. We watched the first one last night, and it was just as amazingly terrible as I recall. Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenberg, some guy pretending to be Indian, and amazing special effects. Rent it today. But first, enjoy the fabulous video from the theme song "Who's Johnny?" by El Debarge: OMFG Steve Guttenberg cardboard cutout. *I did a cursory google search for a website, but perhaps $3-5 a bottle isn't bringing in enough profit for them to hire a web designer. Though you'd think the sheer numbers of college freshmen and unclassy grownups (like me) who drink it would keep their numbers going strong.

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  1. Fisher Stevens is that fake Indian guy who would later appear on Early Edition.