Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update: Still figuring shit out

What I said in the title. BUT ALSO: Upcoming: The return of Thursday History Blogging!! I'm in a goddamn U.S. history class (it's on war and gender OMG awesome), I think I should be able to come up with shit to write about. Also, my weekend starts after 5:30 on Thursdays, so if I don't get to it before my fake class I have that day that THIS is a semester-long assignment for, I'll do it after. But maybe after a nap. We'll see. I've started going to my actual office occasionally to do actual work for my graduate assistantship, so perhaps I can start using some of that time to fuck around on the internet more and bloggity blog blog. Anyway, I keep thinking me and the internet will get back together, but I've really enjoyed our time apart. Even so, the blog needs to get back on the momentum train, so I am officially fishing for compliments to encourage me to get me back to regular writing. Officially.

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