Friday, December 12, 2008


My finals are very much like this picture: slightly awkward, overly made-up, uncoordinated with teammates, and with abbreviated costumes. Plus a lot of reading and writing. Or whatever.
Friends, I apologize that there was no (super-awesome) history post yesterday. I am in the midst of final papers/projects and am quite sure that the only way I will finish them all in time will involve that time-traveling-necklace-thingy Hermione had that one time. I wonder if witches take food stamps? Anyhow, I am doing a lot of work and the only fun allowed is the occasional illicit nap (what I just did all afternoon) and attending a previously planned Festivus party (tonight! hooray! Feats of Strength!). I will do my best to let you know occasionally that I am alive. But until my papers are finished, bon voyage to you and hello to 24-oz. Rockstar Juiced can after can. Love, Slightly bedraggled and unshowered Lauren

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  1. Honey, I completely, completely understand. Enjoy your Festivus - as for final's week, it's almost over, right? Ignore whatever the calendar might say.