Sunday, December 21, 2008

Random basement-sitting links

The ARCTIC BLAST outside and my own laziness prevent me from doing much of anything besides sit on this cozy couch and read the internet. So I thought I'd share some of the tubes-inspired joy I have discovered. -Amanda tackles that classic conservative canard about how "Everything was perfect in the '50s and if women would just get back in the kitchen, no one would have any problems anymore" is used to entice ladies to fight against their own interests. I personally have no interest in visiting the 1950s or trying to recapture its delightful Cold War/consumer/conformist atmosphere. But then again I am a dirty, angry feminist and hate America. And babies.* Also, baked goods.** The fairyland perfection of submission. (Pandagon) -Everyone's favorite excessively-Italian-named cartoonist Francesco Marciuliano has put together a set of helpful hints for getting through those family holiday gatherings. He comes down firmly on the "cope with drugs and alcohol" side, which I totes agree with (if I could get away with it, that is). Anyway, photographic laughs comin' atcha: A Visual Guide to Surviving the Holidays with Your Family. (Francesco Explains It All) -Al Frankenmeister has pulled into the lead in that thar Minnesota Senate race as crazy ballot-counting shit continues to go down. Let's keep our little Democratic (and comedy-loving) fingers crossed, friends! The Recount: No hanging chads, but plenty of hang-ups. (Star Tribune) Anyways, I'm off to continue reading the interwebs. Here's hoping that the snow has left you bound somewhere cozy and with cable and internet access! *A lie. **Even more of a lie. Nomnomnom Christmas cookies.

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