Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Most Negligent Blogger

Dearest Readers, I am sure you have been pining away for some regular posts, as I have been remiss in my internet duties. The semester began, and I have to actually do work sometimes. Also, my three classes are clustered on Tuesday and Wednesday, so things can get pretty intense for a couple days there. Also, one of my classes requires me to blog a couple times a week on a class blog. Boo. Also, Thrift Store Champion and I discovered that we are not actually hibernating mammals and should probably start going to the gym. And, as I have been telling one and all, I really cannot afford to buy all new pants. This in combination with a botched highlighting job by my mother over break that has led me to part my hair on the other (darker) side, and I am far brunetter and fatter these days. Of course, I can still claim to be blonder and thinner than SOMEONE out there, and we all know that gives me a moral upper hand in this life. Anyway, this is an excuse-filled update. I will try to drop a history post in this weekend. I hope all is well in reader-land. Love and shots of whatever it was those Dr. McGillicuddy's promotional people were handing out for free at 149 the other night, Lauren


  1. yeah well...i love your witty humor, so stop screwing around and post something meaningful!

  2. I think those nurses were giving us shots of the good doctor's cough syrup.