Monday, April 27, 2009

Quote o' the Day: Judd Apatow Sucks Version

You sully the name of the Royal Brotherhood of the Beard, douchetron.
Funny internet lady Sady who normally blogs at Tiger Beatdown, made the ultimate sacrifice of watching a Judd Apatow movie marathon. In her conclusional post at Shakesville, she confirmed my suspicions about such an activity: "NEVER DO THIS. IT WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL." But anyway, after subjecting herself to the dangers and emerging somewhat victorious (only partially-devoured soul, perhaps), Sady gives us the composite Apatow movie plot synopsis:
Man-Child resides in the beautiful, carefree, recess-all-day-long, ice-cream-for-dinner world of Man-Childsvania. Man-Child nevertheless feels the nagging lack of the social status and power that comes from being a Successful, Important Grown Man in patriarchy. Man-Child finds some lady to drag him, kicking and screaming, from Man-Childsvania into the real world. Man-Child makes the bittersweet sacrifice of his freedom, unless he doesn't have to, because a really, truly nice lady will make do with a few superficial changes (like, say, getting a job, or spending only 80% of your time with your bros instead of the more desirable 99.987%) and let you stay a Man-Child forever. Blah blah offensively blatant Republican-family-values conclusion, The End.
Go read her, it is teh awesome (she writes on each movie individually at her blog). Also, a note from me: Dear Paul Rudd and Jason Segal and Michael Cera who are cute and I want to like but I can't if your politics suck too much, Stop producing/being complicit to this kind of bullshit. Seriously. Love, Me & other people who don't hate women

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  1. That is an awesome post, and full of funny. And I had had such high hopes for Knocked Up *not* ending with a "Hey, this baby just solved all our problems!" ending. blargh.