Tuesday, June 09, 2009

If this is "socialism," then why were the streets in Copenhagen so much cleaner than here?

Gavin M. sets the record straight with conservative types, making sure they know which slurs for "liberal" to use on which lefty-types, culminating with teh awesome:

[To be used on] 900-foot robot Stalin with Hitler mustache formed out of snapped-together 200-foot communist dictator robots who is pointing to a giant copy of Atlas Shrugged and making a thumbs-down gesture with one hand while theatrically holding its nose with the other hand, army of cloned Jimmy Carters attacking army of cloned Pope Benedict XVIs with gay-making lasers, Barack Obama, gigantic Karl Marx fetus in massive amniotic reservoir at Earth’s core, Harry Belafonte

OMG, funny sauce. Go! Moe Ran (Sadly, No!)


  1. Nice -- hey, I'm a conservative, but I gotta give you props for creativity here pal... LOL LOL

  2. I saw someone with a "1-20-13" shirt today. I thought it was kind of premature. But I started a countdown after Bush was first elected, so I guess fair is fair.