Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Current or at least semi-recent events

1. Have you heard that the Michael Jackson died? I spent a number of hours making a timeline/display thingy with all these Google images and features on PowerPoint I didn't know existed before, and it is now hanging up in front of the counter here in the pop culture library. I kind of wished he'd passed on right after his Super Bowl XXVII performance and right before the first child abuse allegations came out. So, early 1993 is what I'm saying. As long as he had time to produce this gem first: I remember coming home from that great cinematic masterpiece and singing the song with my siblings while jumping on the trampoline. We may or may not have come up with a "Free Willy" game to go with it. 2. Remember, like, a really long time ago when I was all up in Al Franken's primary campaign at my local caucus? Wasn't that awesome? Because now, over one year later, he has finally been crowned Prince of Minnesota's Junior Senatorial Seat. The BBC has the rundown of the whole shenanigan-filled process: Q&A: Minnesota senate election (hat tip Alison's Gchat status) 3. Some governor of something or rather has fallen in love with an Argentinean newslady and somebody sleazy released their private emails. Amanda Marcotte has an interesting analysis of the fact Sanford has evoked ridicule from various sources for breaking both the "men don't fall in love" and "marriage/love is/should be work" dicta: The Karmic punishment of Sanford's middle-aged passion. (Pandagon)


  1. How was that song written for Free Willy? Has anyone seen that movie since the mid-nineties?

  2. what is really stupid about the sandford thing, besides all the other disgusting things that went on, he said in an interview that the woman he had an affair with was his soulmate but he will work on his marriage anyway, lol, i expect to see his dumb ass with a black eye from his wife real soon over that statement.