Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's like an Alaskan x-file!

Deep in the midst of viewing my Northern Exposure complete series set (it comes in a ridiculous leather pouch for some reason!), I was particularly amused to find out that some sort of mysterious blob had recently been tormenting the Alaskan coast. Apparently it's just a huge mass of stringy algae, though. Phew. That's not creepy, right? Totally not sentient or anything, the giant mass of algae. Nope. Not like that scary giant Argentinean ant empire or whatever. Anyway, for more information about Alaska, be sure to go review my Alaska vlog from a while back. A classic. And while I'm pimping* my own YouTube videos, you may as well go watch the apocalpyse vlog too, though we did not include a hostile international ant and/or algae takeover in one of the doomsday scenarios. Should've seen that one coming. I bet reincarnated dinosaur Karl Marx would have. *Is there a less distasteful word that means something similar but is not associated with selling women? Shilling? Or do you have to shill for something? Share your thoughts, dear readers, if any of you are bothering to read this footnote.


  1. touting? promoting? I don't know. But what I do know is that Northern Exposure is awesome.

  2. That stuff even looks like the black oil alien virus -tchmacallit.

    Is this going to add to my X-Files body count? It's already pushing 800 after only 2.5 seasons...