Monday, July 13, 2009

Quote o' the Day plus other rambly stuff: SCOTUS, racism, Canada

Amanda Marcotte on how the Democrats will obviously push through Sonia Sotomayor's nomination while the minority party will attempt to score stupid political points:
Republicans will pretend to be outraged that Sotomayor is “racist” because she doesn’t believe that white people are better than everyone else, though perhaps they’ll branch out into arguments about how she’s not a woman because she’s both female and adult and she’s not a judge because she writes court decisions.
Supreme Court justice hearings as political theater (Pandagon) Rant I'm sure I've ranted before on this here blog: Stupid "reverse racism" bullshit. NO SUCH THING, ASSHOLES. Even if it is true that there are people of color who hate white people just for being white... well, it's not true. It's about resenting undeserved privileges afforded to whites. And let's face it, while I'm pretty awesome anyway and pretty much just have to send people pictures of myself and they'll be like, "Please, Lauren, come work for us/study on our tab/take over The Daily Show/other awesome things," I know I benefit from white privilege. Duh. Okay, bad example because the pictures would clearly demonstrate that I am a whitey white whitester. But anyway, I just don't understand getting pissed off about affirmative action. Oh, that highly qualified person of color who may or may not be more highly qualified than I am according to certain subjective standards got the job/position instead of me? There's a decent chance they've had to work harder and/or will have to continue to work harder to get where they are and also, it is likely that I will never even know who they hired instead or why. Duh. "Reverse discrimination" is not possible. It's called "let's try to stop screwing over people who have been historically subordinated quite so much, even if it will force those cute suburban white kids to feel the sting of rejection for once in their goddamn lives." IT IS NOT RACIST TO MENTION OR RECOGNIZE RACE AND/OR WORK TO MITIGATE THE EFFECTS OF AND ALSO END RACISM. But on a lighter note, I like to inform/remind people regularly that the Canadian Supreme Court dresses like Santa & Mrs. Claus: Look at how many lady judges they have! 50% of their highest court! How... how do the Quebecois say it? FAIR. (Though there's a lot of caucasian going on there, obvs.) And also, front and center is the Right Honourable (fun Canadian spelling!)* Beverley McLachlin, P.C. Chief Justice of Canada, LADY JUDGE, BITCHEZ! (They usually shorten that title a little bit, but I'm giving you the full official name for informational and also lady-gloating purposes.) *Ever since we saw an X-Files episode in which awesome Canadian actor William B. Davis AKA Cigarette-Smoking Man had lines about a diplomatic pouch that contained some space rock which in turn contained the black oil or something, Isaac and I cannot stop saying that word all Canadianly. Try it, it's fun: POUCH. /pʌʊtʃ/ Hee hee. What a cute word, amirite? BTW: Just discovered there is an Oxford Canadian Dictionary. Politely make a bit of room next to yourself there on the shelf, OED, the CanOD was wondering if perhaps it could join you in the reference section. If it doesn't trouble you too much, that is. It would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Have I commented before that I LOVE this blog?

    I LOVE this blog.

  2. OK, I officially have a huge crush on Canada now. Officially!