Friday, September 04, 2009

Can I talk about health care again, people?

Yes, I can. Because this is my blog, and though often underused, it does still belong to me. So there. Anyway, this health care mess, amirite? I have two points to make, or rather two nebulous meandering paragraphs that I plan on writing: Paragraph the First: DO YOU THINK PEOPLE ARE UNINSURED ON PURPOSE? Seriously. God-fucking-dammit, people. Even health care politics resident internet expert Ezra Klein was screwed over by a clerical error and was briefly uninsured and he, like, studies this shit for a living. I myself was uninsured for about four months a few years ago. My parents' insurance cut me off when I turned 23 in September of 2006, when I was a recent college grad working a temporary job I'd finagled from my former student job. Luckily I only had to go to a doctor once during that time and they charged on a sliding scale for the uninsured (a Planned Parenthood--though for totally non-abortion-related health reasons, not that it's any of your business). I ended up getting another, permanent job with health benefits elsewhere at my alma mater starting that January. Presently I am insured as a student at my university now (though that's another ridiculous mess of bureaucracy). I ended up getting insurance and keeping that job until I went to grad school because it was cushy and I had nothing better to do, but I had a roommate who was forced to keep her grocery store cashier position for a long time even though it was giving her a serious repetitive-stress injury because she had benefits from it. Which she was using to treat her injury and also did I mention she had two other part time jobs? Also, have I mentioned that this is bullshit? Young adults with college degrees who work full-time, kids. I'm not saying that we deserve health care more than anyone else (because that is also bullshit), but how do you justify getting screwed to those of us who are supposedly "doing everything right"? Sometimes I hate living in America. Paragraph the Second: BARACK OBAMA IS AN INCLUSION WHORE. Recently I've been discussing with a dear friend of mine how she's kind of a friend whore. By which I mean, she is cool and awesome and smart and fun etc. but sometimes hangs out with really lame people just because they call her. She just can't say no. Then again, she has a very active social life. However, sometimes I'm like, "Why are you friends with so-and-so? I don't understand. They = lame. Their favorite show is Friends, I mean come on!"* Anyway, besides the not-so-shocking revelation that I am a boring-people snob, I kind of think Barack Obama, our dear President of America is kind of the same way. He's like, "Everybody likes me, I'm so good-looking and smart and accomplished and easygoing lalala." But then he's also like, "But the Republicans CALLED me and asked me what I was doing about health care reform, and I couldn't just IGNORE them." But. But. But, Mr. President, with all due respect, YOU CAN. Fuck the Republicans, fuck the Blue Dogs, fuck Glenn Beck and the town halls, get on board the Super-Awesome Barney Frank "Fuck You, Crazies" Train. Stop trying to be friends with everybody and give us some goddamn real reform with a public option. INSIST UPON IT. You can do that. Congress is even more of an inclusion whore than you are. And maybe everyone will cry until they start to feel the benefits, and then it'll be like they were all affected by a soap opera coma/amnesia/evil twin plot twist and cry if you try to take them away. So do it.** *You know I love you. **(Swan, every year)


  1. This reminds me of an editorial I read at some point saying how Obama needs to take some unpopular but necessary action. Though considering some people think he's going to sneak into hospitals to pull the plug on their grandmother, that might be a little difficult. Then again, I'm all about expanding service to Barney Frank's "Fuck You Crazies" Train.

  2. Just do it!

    It's a good philosophy to live by.

  3. And I didn't mean for that to sound like a Nike ad.