Saturday, January 30, 2010

I catch up on Pluggers

No blatant prescription drug abuse references recently, but still, here are some gems from the last month in Pluggers: This panel literally activated my gag reflex. You're welcome. Though this building APPEARS to be an outhouse on a frozen lake, I believe it is actually supposed to be what is called an "ice shanty"* utilized by those participating in "ice fishing," which is pretty much a combination of the two worst things in the world: winter and fish. BTW, does anybody else think walking on frozen lakes/ponds/water what-have-yous is pure devilry and just tempting fate? I've seen Little Women, people! It's unnatural and the universe is in the right avenging this breach by pulling people through the ice. Between the paper and their street pharmacists, Pluggers could teach Congress a thing or two about lowering costs. AMIRITE, people? . . . Pluggers are going to die. Very soon. *Thank you for that bit of redneck knowledge, Wisconsin.

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