Saturday, February 13, 2010

Preliminary Thesis Consequences

Here are some things that have happened because of the death plague known as trying to get a master's degree: 1. I Googled "Viagra presidency" for a chapter where I talk about the Clinton years and masculinity just to make sure I didn't make the phrase up. I couldn't find an original source, but I have gotten about 5x more Viagra emails in my Gmail spam folder every day since then. 2. I am not drinking alcohol right now (almost at two months, it is really weird), but I am drinking a lot of caffeine. I was never going to sleep at normal hours anyway, and the energy drinks and Diet Cokes keep me awake and inspired for working, making silly MS Paint projects, and blogging when I should be working. I already have too many cavities, and I'm sure all the soda ain't helping, especially since I have no dental insurance right now, but it's probably easier to get dentures than a new liver, so I think it's a fair trade-off for now. 3. Here is something I made yesterday in response to a Facebook thread on staying on task (the constant struggle for us academicians):

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