Sunday, January 09, 2011

I live-blog a creepy haunted dollhouse episode of Paranormal State

I've been watching A&E's Paranormal State on the Netflix instant the past week or so, several episodes every night after Isaac goes to bed. I'm in the middle of season three, having just watched one where the Paranormal Research Society goes back to a demon possession victim to try and un-possess her again. Scary, right? But now this next episode is about a creepy house that used to be a dollhouse museum or some shit, and I think it's going to be scary and thought I'd share my thoughts about the creepy ghost dolls here. So without further ado:

 I don't recommend googling images of "creepy dolls."

Paranormal State, season 3 episode 12, "The Soul Collector"

The lady who owns the house now sees a dark figure in her dining room. BTWs, I refuse to believe in ghosts in my life because the prospect is too fucking scary, but I totally believe in them on ghost hunting TV shows.

Her mother's also a doll collector. Ah! They made one drink tea by itself for creepy effect and I do not like it. There's a menacing male figure.

Creepy basement. Remodeling halted because of paranormal shit. The daughter sees a lady walking in the backyard! It used to be called the "Good Fairy Doll Museum." Fucking creepy shit.

The little girl predicted her dad's death with a dream! Also, the ghost lady wears black and has a bloody face.

Chip Coffey (fangirl post in the works, so just you wait) arrives to do a psychic reading of the house! He says the lady died of some sort of head injury or something. The dude ghost is the "Soul Collector." SO SCARY.

Chip and Ryan (the founder of PRS) are experimenting with a strobe light. Gay ghost dance party?! Chip is concentrating, and just got touched by the dude ghost. Chip is feeling choked. Chip is slowly and slightly robotically taking off his fabulous scarf. The ghost is trying to get Chip to strangle Ryan with his scarf! No! Those scarves are only for fashion and joy!

Ryan is now interested in the dead ex-husband. Apparently he had some creepy alternate personality that hated the homeowner. The ex-husband totally hung himself! Ahh! Ryan thinks the Soul Collector is him and he's created some sort of crazy personal hell for himself in the creepy dollhouse house.

They've brought the homeowner into their Dead Time investigation. In the basement, they try to connect with the dead ex. Loud noises! Whoa, some really stark shadows moving around. Ryan asks her what the homeowner is feeling. He encourages her to tell him that she misses him and now she's telling him he fucked them over. Chip says, "There's your soul collector." And she says that the ex killed their souls. OMG.

Chip gives the homeowner a pep talk about letting go of her anger towards the dead ex. They encourage her to get rid of something symbolic. She's going to burn his suicide note, which she keeps by her bed and refers to all the time. That's kind of creepy.

Anyway, the family is doing much better now blahblahblah. I am severely disappointed by the lack of creepy, possessed dolls in this episode. Still pretty good, though. Now I'll watch a haunted cabin episode!

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  1. I'm glad you're back! I also wish I could be watching this with you (most likely with an alcoholic beverage).