Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Search terms! Andrew Jackson!

Hello friends,

This is like a fake post, but it is always at least mildly interesting to me when people put up what kind of search terms lead people to their sites. So I was checking my Google Analytics for the first time in quite some time (do that many people really read my blog?), and thought I'd share some favorites that led people to this glorious place:

First of all, the top two terms are "andrew jackson" (by far) and "creepy doll." I feel good about this.

-weather channel ladies
-naked workout videos
-sexy gay
-andrew jackson was an asshole
-wisconsin is awesome
-barbie gymnastics equipment (woot!)
-1800s ku klux klan costume ("costume," sure)
-authentic squanto outfits
-can drinking straight liquor burn your tongue (not so far!)
-douchebag vancouver wa (ha!)
-hymen gel for thinning vagina is good or not (WHAT?!)
-jim jones maybe i could be blonder (also WHAT?!)
-made to live with my black male neighbor and be hississy [sic] slut (I hope this is a plot to some terrible porn movie and not some sort of racist and poorly-spelled cry for help.)
-t-rex arms
-what gender is rutherford b hayes (!)

Who are these people? Why does Google direct them to me? I cannot say, but I feel less crazy and creepy knowing what other people are searching for.

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