Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pluggers feel my wrath of boredom

I am filled with ennui and laziness. I have work I could do, I could go on a booze run, I could watch a movie or go somewhere, but I just want to complain instead. But anyway, Pluggers are still terrible. Let us count some of the ways:

1. Pluggers prefer a disgusting frozen meal instead of "sexy" dog/lady pluggers.

Next week, Mrs. Dogplugger will find her husband dead from an embarrassing auto-erotic asphyxiation accident with his new "gadget." What? It was my brain that thought of it first, so I'm just trying to spread the suffering around.

Pluggers are bulimic.
Pluggers remember racist television characters fondly.

Even in Pluggerville, bitches be naggin'.
Pluggers are hipsters, and I am apparently both. I hate everything.

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