Saturday, January 19, 2013

Energy Drink Review: Monster Cuba-Lima

If showering were anything like laying on a warm beach, I wouldn't even need to drink this.
Apparently an energistic take on the Cuba Libre (basically a rum and Coke with lime in case Wikipedia is too arduous for you), this new Monster drink should be, um, interesting. Isaac picked me up some random drinks and since I'm not very motivated to shower or do anything but play Sporcle quizzes all afternoon while listening to Taylor Swift, maybe some Cuba Lima will help me. I hope they brewed it with roasted Castro beard hairs or something.

FLAVOR: It really does taste like Coke and lime. This could really go either way. It's not too lime-y, just an edge. I keep expecting it to taste like an energy drink, and it does not. It tastes like Coke and lime. I'm trying to drink it in big gulps because I'm not that into it.

EFFECTIVENESS: I'm about halfway through, though I've downed that half pretty quickly, and I'm starting to feel the inklings of an energy buzz. Now I've had a bit more and I'm definitely slightly more jittery than usual and have become more conscious of how many days it's been since I last showered. IN MY DEFENSE, our shower has the WORST water pressure ever and it dribbles out of one of those handheld showerheads but it also gets REALLY hot pretty quickly so you have to spend like at least three full minutes making sure you're not scalded and in the first place taking off your clothes takes effort and it is COLD when only like 1/9 of your body can be in the water stream at a time. So showers are hard, is what I'm saying. But I'm going to do it, thanks to this weird Coke lime energy drink thing.

I am jamming to TSwift and I do believe that as soon as I finish this bev, I will sing this to the empty can:

 I don't have my own Furry jam band/dance party crew, but it'll still be awesome.

OVERALL: My energy level is good, but the flavor is just not what I'm looking for in an energy drink. NOT RECOMMENDED unless you're into that kind of thing.

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