Thursday, March 07, 2013

Receptionist Pet Peeve of the Day: That Guy Who Insists on Asking Me How I Am

Guys, do not be That Guy:

*ring ring*

Me: [Place that I work], how may I direct your call?

That Guy: How are you today?

(Pause while he waits for me to fucking tell him my feelings before he lets me do my job and then quickly get off the phone and go back to Twitter.)

Me: (sighing) Fine.

(Brief pause while I pointedly don't ask him back because I do not give a fuck and want this interaction to be over.)

Dude on phone: Great! [Continues to tell me why he actually called.]

Stop it. Do not ask me how I am. I do not know you and we will probably never meet or even speak again. You don't really care about my answer, and I don't want you to know how I'm doing, anyway. It's like the over-the-phone version of a stranger telling me to smile. Stop it. Stick to business, That Guy.

I'd just like to reiterate:

This is of course from the greatest episode of all time, which I rewatched for about the 209873589th time last night.

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