Sunday, August 04, 2013

Quick Hit Booze Review: BuzzBallz Forbidden Apple

This review was undertaken a few weeks ago when I found this shit at a convenience store across the street from our hotel in Ohio. This seemed like the least offensive flavor. BuzzBallz: KEEPIN' IT KLASSY!

Yes, I spent $3.29 on this. FOR SCIENCE.

Alleged positive qualities: unbreakable, freezable, floatable. Supposedly they can be frozen (I did not freeze mine, but I'll just believe it) and they float. I tried making it float in our hotel bathroom sink. Mixed results. It's got air in it and its plastic, so it doesn't sink, but it's not exactly bobbing on the surface either. I DEBATE THIS CLAIM.

It's not NOT floating, I guess?

Oh, it is strong, and not really in a tasty way. Maybe better as either a shot or over ice? Just kind of sickly. The aftertaste is fine, though, because it's an actual mixed drink, not a gross malt beverage. I think it might just be a bad flavor/overly strong. That was 200 mL of YUCK.

My buzz is definitely maintained and moving ahead, however. So, there's that.

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