Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Energy Drink Review: MiO Energy Liquid Water Enhancer

This picture is literally life-sized on my giant work monitor.
Well, it's finally come to this. In a lapse of judgement and all common sense, I've let myself run out of energy drinks and Diet Coke. Luckily, like, a month or two ago, I picked up some of this MiO Energy shit you're supposed to drop in your water. I think maybe I've tried some before but didn't write about it, or maybe I did but I'm too lazy to search my own blog. Whatever. Anyway, I've got the black cherry flavor and an extra water bottle and I am going to MAKE THIS SHIT HAPPEN. I should mention that the fact that I have to "make" my own already puts MiO in the minus column. Also, its spelling is stupid and I hate it.

There are no guidelines for dosage on this container. Oh wait, it says it makes eighteen eight fluid ounce servings. This little Nalgene guy that is probably giving me cancer and used to say "Macalester College" on it but the letters rubbed off does have a helpful measuring scale on the side (both metric and Stupid American). Oh, I found it on the side of the little bottle (phial?*), one squeeze for each eight fluid ounces. My bottle is filled to 16 oz., so I should do two squeezes, whatever that means. Why am I doing math for this? Okay, I put two squirts of what seemed like reasonable duration into my water. SO MUCH WORK.

FLAVOR: I guess it just tastes like some Vitamin Water or something. Vaguely fruity, but only vaguely.

EFFECTIVENESS: I'm about halfway through, and I'm like, "Whatevs." I'm a up a bit, but without all the carbonation melting my tooth enamel and chemicals burning my throat, I have a hard time gauging how effective it is. Legs slightly more bouncy than usual, though, so that's a good sign.

I just had an awkward encounter with a walk-in. He wanted to talk to somebody about all his personal problems/the fact that he is constantly judged because he is a black man/why aren't there more African-American Catholics? As a receptionist/non-Catholic lay person/white person, I have nothing to offer. No I will not discuss my lack of religious belief with you. Here, take all the cash from my wallet since you insist you have to take a cab, not a bus. Go away. Feeling kind of weird about the whole thing (also, afraid he'll come back to ask for more money from me sometime), but still relatively wakeful, so that's a positive for MiO!

OVERALL: It is pretty good! You can always add more drops if you want it stronger and I don't feel like I'm destroying my entire body while drinking it. Recommended.

*Phial is way sketchier-looking than vial, so obviously I prefer that spelling.

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