Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Pluggin' Around

Pluggers is a comic that still exists and is still terrible. Let's see what these biological monstrosities are up to!
Pluggers are definitely a bordering demographic to those doomsday preppers who try to live off the grid so TBH, I'm a little surprised Pluggers recognize government-issued paper money and haven't declared themselves Sovereign Citizens who only adhere to the gold standard.

We all know "retire" really means "got a restraining order after you stole a bunch of their prescription pads to feed your massive pill addiction."

I don't think that measly "memory vitamin" is going to dig you out of that near-constant k-hole, Mr. Dog Plugger. Keep trying, though.

 Pluggers don't know how to tie their own shoes.

 Pluggers are on the cutting edge of fashion.

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