Thursday, January 24, 2008

This may become a regular feature

Now, far be it from me to step on the toes of one of the world's awesomest bloggers, Josh the Comics Curmudgeon, but Pluggers is a terrible cartoon. I have a lot of rage stored up about this, and annotating the comics page of The Pioneer Press in response to particularly heinous panels is just not going to cut it anymore. Goddamn, do I hate Pluggers. Forget the italics, though. Too lazy to do that all the time. Fucking waste of space that I love to hate. Champion of "everyday" working-class killjoys who are fat, elderly, cheap, anti-elitist, and anthropomorphized freaks of nature.* Anyway, I was especially horrified by yesterday's:


I knew Rush Limbaugh had to be involved somehow.

*This statement should not be taken to mean that I think there is anything wrong with being working-class, fat, or elderly. The other things, though, definitely.

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