Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Sausage* Links

-In light of recent happy events that push me further along my path to professional nerdism (AKA a teaching career in academia), I was amused by Ding's plea to douchebag undergraduate writers who insist upon passing off offensive bullshit as "satire." No, really. Shut up. (Screed)

-Anytime people start referencing William Jennings Bryan and/or Adlai E. Stevenson, I a) chuckle with delight to myself, and b) remember what repeat losers they both were. I think it might be kind of jinx-y for Barry Hussein to be compared to these guys. Just sayin'. Obama Reminds Smart People of Other Smart People (The Cynics' Party)

-Random, but mostly just cracked me up: "Rachael Ray's turned lazy cooking into a vast Empire coated with Ritz crackers, and here I sit on a big pile of nothing, me and my excellent skillet stirfry." Coated with Ritz crackers. So true. Is there anyone who does not hate Rachael Ray? Hints From Hel. (One Good Thing)

-He's right, we've got to protect America's fertilized egg citizens from leading lives of sin and degradation. The Zygote-American Community's Battle Against Porn (Jesus' General)

*Not really made of sausage. Sausage is gross.


  1. Henry Clay was a loser times three
    How it's possible is beyond me
    To run for prez thrice
    And fail to suffice
    Is a failure Obama'll never be

  2. Wow. American history limericks...Julia is most definitely my soulmate.

  3. obviously, Katie. Obviously.