Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Al Franken's feminist cred

Lest you think Al Franken's campaign ignored my fabulously-written complaint about them ignoring feminist stuff on the campaign website, I should probably publicly note that I got a PERSONALIZED response (obviously, from not Al Franken) last week that I've been too lazy to write about. Someone named Natalie sent me a very nice thank-you and invited me to call her so we could chat!* Apparently he had some of the feminist ladies to his house in February to talk about their "issues." She sent me this NOW write-up of the event:
Read this doc on Scribd: Now times
This is all well and good, and solidifies my love for Al, but it doesn't address my original complaint: WEBSITE OMISSIONS. But whatevs, it was really cool to get a personal message back, and maybe one day they will update the campaign site. Until then, you should go donate. I'm willing to throw another $25 in his direction for the email response alone. Also, he was totally adorable on Letterman: Part two here. Wow, there is a lot of code in this post. *I will never call her to chat.

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