Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Comics, work-avoidance, etc.

"'Between Friends' is a contemporary comic strip that celebrates the essence and angst of three forty-something women friends."

First of all, all the Earth Day-themed comics yesterday were STUPID. Just throwing that out there. This is a particularly atrocious example of Between Friends AKA Cathy^3. Is that "little old lady" riding a hoverboard? What is this, Back to the Future? I see no Michael J. Fox, no Christopher Lloyd, no redeeming social value. Does she or does she not make you think immediately of Mr. Weatherbee from the Archie comics? No? Still no? Whatever, you are totally blind.

But speaking of shitty comics and the mocking thereof, I had become concerned recently that Joe Mathlete of Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke had totally lost the inspiration for his awesome blog. He randomly decided to answer some emails of other concerned readers about his lack of passion/posting in general. My confidence has been restored and I look forward to much awesome Marmaduke assholishness. Also, Joe Mathlete draws amazing things on index cards. Like ten pirates.

One more random tidbit, is some guy who's reading the bible's take on Jesus over at Jezebel. He thinks Jesus was totally bros-before-hos and a huge mooch. I could see that interpretation. Luckily the bible is a post-written, multi-translated storybook that I no longer have any need to believe in. I'm sticking with the Sexy Gay Jesus all the way.

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