Monday, April 28, 2008

In praise of Gardetto's®

Slightly classier than my usual straight-out-of-the-bag method.

Love. them. They are the perfect combo of carboliciousness and greasy/salty goodness. I remember I never liked the rye chips growing up, but now they are totally the highlight of the bag for me. (Although I have to say I bought a bag of just the rye chips and it was really salty and boring. Apparently the mix is the key.) Pretzels, crunchy seasoned bread sticks, chomp them down with a Diet Coke®* and for a little while, I don't want to just bang my head against my desk in boredom. Also, they are called "snak-ens®." And while I generally disapprove of ignoring standard orthographic conventions, the -ens part is so cute!

According to my current bag of Gardetto's® (original recipe, family size rather than my usual snack size, so it lasts longer), the Gardetto Family Bakery was founded by Baptiste Gardetto in 1932 in Milwaukee. (Another good thing to come out of Wisconsin!) Well, his wife (I assume, the bag doesn't go into details) Judy used to take the trimmed-off ends of breadsticks and throw them in with pretzels and whatnot with "her own blend of special seasonings." If by "special" General Mills means "full of delicious crack," then yes, I concur with that description. It is, however, important to have a napkin on hand while eating the Gardetto's®. They get your hands a little greasy/crumbly. It's totally worth it, though. NOM NOM NOM.

This blog endorses Gardetto's® as its Official Afternoon Snack of Choice™.

I obviously found a new fun internet® tool!™

*Although, the vending machine in my building is out of Diet Coke®, so I've been drinking Mountain Dew®. Anne pointed out that that is very junior high boy of me. But it sure as hell beats Diet Pepsi®. Ew.


  1. My Milwaukeean ex was related to the Gardetto family. This provided absolutely no advantages for me. Nor her, actually.

  2. Jufoolicious4/30/08, 2:49 PM

    Those rye chips are pretty bomb.

  3. Hey, older boys also drink mountain dew and eat Gardettos. Anne should stop being ageist.

  4. Anyone who devotes an entire post to Gardetto's (crazy circular R) needs to seriously consider increasing his or her intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    But yeah, those Rye chips are pretty darn good.