Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Latest ANTM fantasy lineup

JUSTIFICATIONS: I got bored with Fatima, and Claire really let me down with her photo shoot last week. Although, she did not let me down with her bitchiness. I'm hoping Dominique will continue to be an asshole, though not get eliminated despite looking like a man. Crazy Anya won that challenge last week, and despite her unplaceable accent and albino-looks, she seems to be doing really well. Also, the judges really like Whitney, and this is probably the best chance a plus-size model has had to be in the top three, like, ever. She'll probably also yell at Dominique at least once this week, so I'm totally keeping her. I hope Tyra is at least half as crazy as she was last week. Rich of the fourfour made a fucking awesome video tribute this week: I fucking love this man and his love/hate for Tyra. And good god, if you're NOT reading Rich's recaps yet, your life is INCOMPLETE. In all seriousness.

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  1. I like that Rich sometimes makes videos now that are equally as hilarious as the written recaps (and sometimes more so). I've got about 10 minutes til the next episode. I better get prepared.