Thursday, May 29, 2008

Open letter to Arianna Huffington: WTF pink?

Dear Arianna, I may have stated before that Feministing was my gateway drug to the feminist blogosphere, but my gateway drug to the blogosphere PERIOD was The Huffington Post. Arianna, I saw you charming the pants off* Stephen Colbert back in the day, and I knew I wanted to read your website. And once I got a job where I had to spend hours of each day pretending to be busy at a computer, your site was where I went first. I actually FOUND Feministing through HuffPo. But I have to say, it's not what it used to be. Listen, I still check it first after email and Facebook each day and before I log into Google Reader, but I mostly just skim the headlines--I've got to be honest. Ever since you expanded to all those different sections, it just hasn't been the same for me. I miss not having to click through to read Eat the Press. I have a budding repetitive stress injury, Arianna, and I just have to conserve my energy where I can. And you added that "Living" section. For me, this section is just an online version of the New York Times' "Life & Style" women's stories ghetto. And for a while it was a green** page, kind of pretending not to be just for chicks, even though it had lots of stories about women's lives, advice, etc. Fine. But it's been getting lamer. I never read the blogs or even the advice columns (and I LOVE me some advice columns, believe you me) because I feel like I'm reading Woman's Day or something. No offense to my mom (who reads WD), but that's not what I got into blogs for. And now the last straw. You made your fucking page PINK. COME ON. And to top it all off, I'll give you a sampling of today's lame headlines: -5 Reasons Men Should Be Grateful for "Sex and the City" THERE ARE NONE. No reasons. Even the semi-ironic ones some dude comes up with. It was a shitty TV show, and I'm sure it's a shitty movie. I don't begrudge people their guilty pleasures, but let's not pretend like SJP changed sexual politics in America by saying the word "orgasm" in public and wearing ridiculous clothes. Also, that VOICEOVER. Get real, people. < /rant > -Girls Gone Vulgar: One Man's Take This is accompanied by a photo of Sarah Silverman. I don't really think she's very funny, personally. But I also don't give a shit about some guy's opinions about her and other "vulgar" ladies. -Behind the "Mama's Boy" Stereotype I don't know about you guys, but I really like essays that investigate stereotypes. By which I mean, confirm them. This links to an article on the Psychology Today website that talks about adult men in Italy that don't want to move out. -What Your Hemline Says About You You know what it says? It says how long of a skirt you're wearing. -The Perils of Going Barefoot I'm pretty sure they involve stepping on shit. Like when I stepped on a bee and got stung when I was four. I don't need to read an article to know that I should watch where I walk when I'm shoeless. -Meditation Is the New Psychotherapy Right. Anyway, Arianna, I realize that your duties as blogger-in-chief don't really put you in the trenches for day-to-day decisions like "should we just admit that this is a lame girly page and make it pink so the boys don't accidentally read it?" But seriously. I disapprove. I mean, I wasn't reading this shit before, but now that it's all labeled in pink, I'm even less likely to do so. And I feel dirty that I had to click on some of those articles to see what they were actually about and contributed to the ad revenue. Stop making shit pink. Your "Living" page can still be lame, whatever. Just don't make it pink. Please. Yours annoyedly, Lauren *Not literally. Unfortunately. **In color. I have no idea whether the production of HuffPo's Living page is a green process or not.

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