Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Quote o' the Day: Atheist version

"I think facing up to reality is freeing, because it makes you realize life is what we make of it, and if we spend our time trying to improve the world instead of worrying what an imaginary god has planned for us, we’ll be a lot more effective at genuinely making life better for humanity. But it’s also true that believing in god might seem like a relief from the responsibility of thinking for yourself." -Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon.* This makes me realize I need to get back to Richard Rorty, who was abandoned on an ill-fated foray into Nietzsche, which was dropped for the delights of book club books and everything else that I wanted to read more. Or at all. But I should probably get on this shit before I go back to school in the fall and never have time to read for pleasure ever again. *Yes, I know I link to the same people over and over again, but that is because they are awesome and good writers and WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, PEOPLE, I CAN'T READ EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET, I HAVE TO WORK SOMETIMES.

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