Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dear LDS Church: Just STOP

As you may know, I was raised Mormon. It was all very wholesome in a patriarchal kinda cult-y sorta way. Well, I jumped ship a number of years ago, and good god do I enjoy alcohol and sex. But anyway: one of the social issues that helped push me over the edge to apostatize was the whole "gay" thing. Younger members tend to be a bit better, and most people I was friends with were relatively moderate in their views,* but the Church is like, "Nice try, gay people. Maybe you're not going to hell JUST because of your sexuality, but you pretty much have to be celibate and alone forever and ever to avoid it." And it made me sick that the Church would involve itself in the political fight over gay marriage. Now, I don't know how this whole "tax-exempt" business works, and The Sexy Gay Jesus and I have heard the bishop read the official "the Church is politically neutral, but you all should totally go vote" letter they read every election season, so seriously, Mormons: WTF? You're doing it again, this time in California. Could you just not? You have no constitutional basis to deny marriage equality; and also, it makes you look like assholes. I mean, not Westboro Baptist Church-level assholes, but like you might hang out with those douchebags when it becomes politically expedient. Please stop the hating. Can't somebody have a revelation that homosexuality is totally cool and part of the celestial plan after all? Seriously. You have revelations about how many ear piercings the ladies should have, so why not? *Horrible anecdote: a girl I used to go to church with and otherwise quite liked once said that sure, maybe some people were born gay, but it was like being born with a birth defect. I almost cried.


  1. I find this a bizarre turn of events in CA that I don't like. There are members of the church in Europe where same-sex marriages are allowed, so why are we taking action here? I don't know. Some interesting posts that deal with this topic:

  2. Um, question, when would a piercing be serving a medical purpose? Just wondering. Thanks.