Friday, June 13, 2008

I wish to slow the passage of time

I know it's only mid-June, but I feel like the summer is already going too fast. This is especially so, since at the end of this one, I'll be moving to Ohio for grad school, where I know no one and I've never been. I have a lot of shit to do in the meantime. Also, many irresponsible drunken adventures need to be undertaken before I go back to school and the consequences are perhaps more serious than having to use some paid medical leave to call in hungover once in a while. Sweet sassy molassy, when did I get so old? Anyway, it's half-day Friday, so this is a fitting half-assed post. There is always a possibility in the universe that I will blog this weekend, but that's like saying there's a possibility that I will start showering every day: not too likely. Laziness wins. So if I fail to resurface on the tubes until Monday, feliz fin de semana!

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