Monday, June 16, 2008

I had fake work today!

So I had a work conference today that involved sitting through various seminar-lecture-y things, which was boring except for that I knew I didn't really need to pay attention because of that whole "I'm quitting this job in two months for awesome, awesome grad school" thing. And then we did some mini-golf. And then there was free booze. And then my kind, kind coworker gave me a ride home so I didn't have to ride up a steep, steep hill in my tipsy state. You know what happens when you talk to you people? You make friends. Perhaps my previous commitment to misanthropy was slightly misguided. Or maybe I'm just a lot less depressed now, so I'm open to being sociable and meeting people. But I just feel like I've recently discovered a lot of cool people out there: not people that I previously thought were lame or anything, but just people I'd never paid much attention to or randomly met because we were both at a concert and I was alone. Alcohol facilitates this bonding, I must say. But talking to strangers/vague acquaintances can be fun. This gives me confidence for the upcoming move. Which is a good thing, especially as someone has a history of tragically (almost comically, considering how awesome I actually am) low self-esteem. But I'm not at work, so I really have no patience for sitting here and doing a real post. This is just an "I'm aware it's Monday and I should be posting" post. But work + alcohol = wish I could do it during the day every day. It would make my life so much better. Except in that whole "wow, when did I become an actual alcoholic?" sort of way. I'll be out of conferencing tomorrow afternoon with a post of more substance (hopefully). I hope everyone had a fine weekend. I actually did a large amount of sleeping, which means hooray! the Prozac is working. One of these days, I will make videos of my songs (as per Neely and Matty's suggestion/request), including my awesome (if I do say so myself) love song to my anti-depressants. Happy Monday evening, dear readers!

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  1. Yes. Video antidepressant song. We could make a narrative style thing where it's you and someone dressed up as a prescription bottle, holding hands going around doing fun stuff.

    Wait! That's from another video I want to do. We can't do that. But we can come up with something else. Give me time.